Cruciatus Ivoire


Known Statistics:
Clan: Toreador Antitribu

Pack: In Nominae Mater

Demeanor: Eye of the Storm

Generation: Unknown

Embrace: Assumed at some point during WW II

Apparent Age: Mid Twenties

Physical: Strength: 5 Dexterity: 7 Stamina: 6
Social: Charisma: 5 Manipulation: 7 Composure: 6
Mental: Perception: 5 Intelligence: 4 Wits: 5

Talents: Varied across a multiplicity of talents, though primarily renowned for wordsmithing, athletic pursuits, and being able to scare even the most composed of opponents.
Skills: Known as a master in melee combat, and artistry of various forms (including violin & torture)
Knowledges: Shows high proficiency in the Occult, Politics, and Academic pursuits

Disciplines: Has displayed high levels of Presence, Obtenabration, Potence, Necromancy, Celerity, and Fortitude

Backgrounds: It would seem to those whom have fallen upon the Thorn’s ire, that there is nowhere that the Toreador Antitribu’s reach does not extend.

Morality: Path of Lilith: 7


Known History: TBA


Cruciatus Ivoire

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