Among the Shadows the Fires will rise…

Detroit…a city that brings to mind the industrial boom of the 1900’s, cars, and a high murder rate. However, the city is much worse off than it seems, the corruption and despair runs deep here – coating the heart in black, and destroying the slightest glimmer of hope. Even in this despair, the Sabbat has made it’s stronghold here. Packs fight packs for dominance, demolishing entire neighborhoods – the bloody halls of power worry about just what lies in the forgotten Salt Mines beneath the city’s infrastructure…and now, you’ve awakened as one of the damned – one of the shovelheads that terrorize the streets and rally against the control of a system that has been the status quo for nearly half a millennium. Will you carve out a niche, or just become another of the wasted bodies that line the streets?

Detroit by Night